Civics & Economics

Mock Congress


Group Members ______________________________ Topic of Bill ____________________________


Outline of Events

      Bill writing groups- After brainstorming with assigned group, use my computers and the East Lab

      Draft a copy of your bill on the given colored paper, and submit bill to Mrs. Vinson

      Decide what Senator you will play during the session (current member or one about to take office) Make a name-plate on an index card (include Name, State, and Party Affiliation)

      Participate in Bill Mark-Up session (if time), Senate committees will vote to approve/disapprove marked-up bills

      Approved bills will come to a full Senate Debate

      Senate Rules are listed below:

1.      No Filibustering of Bills

2.      Each bill approved by committee, will be given a set amount time to be debated

3.      Raise you hand to be recognized by the President Pro Tempore

4.      You must cast a Yea or No vote on each bill debated


Suggested Topics for Bills


Immigration reform

Regulation of Federal Funding for Abortion

Hate crime legislation

Spending on Homeland Security

Funding for schools

Federalization of elections

Direct presidential elections

(Electoral College Change)

Tax credits for alternative energy sources

Death Penalty

Universal health care

Gun control

Economic recovery package -tax cuts



You will probably have the best results using a search engine with your specific topic (immigration, hate crimes, campaign finance reform). Here is a partial list of sites that reference bills that have been proposed on your topics.