Sighet, Transylvania
(Present-day Romania)

The village of Sighet.

    Sighet, Transylvania is a small, rural village in present-day Romania where Elie Wiesel was born and lived until he was taken away to concentration camps.  Sighet is located in Transylvania, near the Transylvanian Alps in central Romania.  It is such a small village that it did not even make the maps.  Before the war, there were several Jewish temples and synagogues in and near Sighet.  In the 1930's, the Jewish population in Romania totaled 500,000 up from 29,000 in 1803.  However, during World War II, most of those Jews were evacuated and sent off to the Nazi labor or death camps.

A map of Romania, where Sighet is presently located.

Women and children sitting outside a church in Sighet.