"Two Friends"
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Review of "Two Friends"
The short story, "Two Friends," written by Guy de Maupassant takes place during a war. It is about two friends who escape the troubles of the war and the hard times by fishing. They are close friends who meet up every sunday to go fish on a little river, right by the Siene. The two friends are fullty aware of the war and the violence going on but pay no attention to it. Through many times in the short story, the two main characters, Monsieur Sauvage and Monsieur Morissot comment on how beautiful the weather is or how amazing the sky looks that day. The two friends go into their own world while they are fishing. Maupassant writes "the sun poured its rays on their backs; they no longer heard anything or
                     thought of anything. They ignored the rest of the world; they were fishing." This shows that while the rest of the world was at war, suffering, losing loved ones, fighting for their country, Morissot and Sauvage dont pay attention. Everything else dissapears because they are fishing. Fishing in this story symbolizes an escape, freedom or some kind of peace. The war does not affect the two friends for a while. One afternoon they go to many different stores. They go to a resturaunt and then to get something to drink. After they get thier drinks, they decide to go ask a friend if they can get into a certain place to fish. They get the permission from the friend and go down to the river to fish. While they are sitting there fishing, the two friends discuss the war. They say how it really doesnt matter to them, and how they know it will blow over. Morissot says: "Under a king we have foreign wars; under a republic we have civil war." This shows the two's view on the war. After fishing for a while, the two are surprised by a german soldier. He takes the two to the other side of the river to a head officer. The German Officer tells the two friends that he thinks they are spies and that he wants the password. He thinks the two have "the password" and threatens to kill the two. The two do not have a password to give him and thereforem, after their goodbyes,  are shot and thrown in the river. After they are thrown in the river the german soldier took the fish they had caught and ordered for them to be cooked. The fish, as said before, symbolizes the two friends escape, freedom and peace. Once the german soldier orders for them to be cooked, it symbolizes the officer killing the two friends' freedome and peace. They are not peacefull anymore. They were innocent victems in the war. I would highly recomend this short story. It was a very interesting story and gives you a different view on many topics.