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Mischievous Moon
Who can sleep on this night
With the moonlight streaming in
My toes are tingling
My heart is singing
Because someone else
Is looking up at the same moon
Feeling that same mysterious light
There is magic in the air tonight
Somewhere under this blinding white light
I find myself, entranced
By the twinkling stars stealing away with my heart
Under this mischievous moon

I went to my neighbor's one day
To go babysitting- hooray!

The boy, four years old is he,
started to annoy me
He named his stuffed animals
One by one
I thought that he would never get done!
"This dog's name is Chicken Muck," he said
Yuck! It sounded like something dead.

He pointed to a ceramic squirrel.
"His name is Basket Whakit!" he shouted
This kid was mad!  I did not doubt it!

He ran off to the living room
I was preparing to meet my doom
He had started jumping around
And sing little Bow Wow
Holy cow!  What was I to do now?

After surviving eight hours of this mess
I must confess
I do not regret my time spent there

Although I was frazzled from my feet to my hair!

Basket Whackit ^

Chicken Muck ^

Extended Metaphor Poem ||

Gently lapping
the waves brush upon my ears
Seeping through my mind and body
Filling all the cracks and crevices of my brain
I hear the echoes from the sea of notes
I let the warm frothy ocean water
Glaze over my feet
Tingling throughout my body
The music is taking over
The rhythm is in sync with the waves
Instruments playing with the waves

A dance party!