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Comparison of Christianity, Islam, and Daoism...
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  • Christianity believes in the Holy Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - three entities in one Godhead
  • Islam believes in the same God as Christianity, with one difference-there is no Trinity, God (Allah) is one entity and He cannot be separated or subdivided. Jesus was only a prophet in the Islamic faith, not the Son of God.
  • ? Philosophical Daoism has no deity, unlike most religions. Instead it has the concept of the Dao, which is the origin of all things and is eternal, but it is not considered a god by Daoists. In philosophical Daoism, the Dao is more of an eternal force than a worshipped deity.

Christianity and Islam share a God, but He is viewed in different ways; Islam believes he is one and indivisible, Christianity believes He is three entities in one. Philosophical Daoism has no god.

Values/Basic Beliefs

  1. Importance stressed on: believing in God and the Bible, living a virtuous life (trying to live without sin, asking forgiveness for your sins, following teachings of Bible in everyday life, absolute belief in God)
  2. Life after death, day of resurrection
  3. Jesus is God? son, he died for humanity? sins
  4. All humans are born with the ability to sin, and only through the grace of God can we be forgiven

  1. Belief in God and his books (such as the Qur?n)
  2. Prayer, five times a day. Giving charity regularly.
  3. Trying to live without sin, trying to live the way God would want you to.
  4. Life after death, day of resurrection
  5. All humans are born pure, only through life do we learn how to sin.

  1. Wu-Wei: act of non-action; actions should not be manipulated in order to gain a result.
  2. Virtue (De) is in all things, but it only begins to emerge when following the Dao.
  3. Violence not encouraged, humility highly important, moderation.

Looking at some of the basic beliefs of Islam and Christianity, much of the beliefs seem the same; people should have absolute belief in God and His word (the bible for christianity, Qur?n for islam), both believe in life after death and a day of resurrection, avoidance of sins is important to both religions. Two differences exist: in Christianity, Jesus is part of God and died for our sins; in Islam Jesus is a prophet, not part of God. Also, the concept of sin is different: Christians believe that all humans are born with the ability to sin, and Islam believes that humans are born pure, free of sin. Daoism does not seem to have much in common with Christianity or Islam, but there are similarities. In Daoism, moderation is an important practice. This is similar in Christianity-for many a holy life involves living in poverty, or without extravagance. Another similarity is the view of violence. Daoists do not encourage violence, and neither did the teachings of Jesus or the Bible in Christianity. A major difference is the Daoist concept of Wu-Wei. Neither Christianity nor Islam teach this concept of non-action.

Regarding Death

  • Christianity believes in a Heaven and a Hell. In Catholicism, there is also a Purgatory where souls go to cleanse themselves of their sin. Heaven is paradise, and is where God and His Angels reside. Hell is torture, and is where the fallen angel Lucifer resides. Jesus, the Son of God, died for humanity? sins, enabling us to enter heaven.
  • Islam also believes in a Heaven and Hell. There is no Purgatory, however. Also, Jesus did not die in order to save humanity, although he did ascend into Heaven. Heaven is paradise, where Allah and His angels reside, and Hell is a place for punishment.
  • Daoism believes that death should simply be accepted; death is just the change from existence to nonexistence, it is a part of the eternal Dao.

Christianity and Islam share a belief in Heaven and Hell, and a belief in the soul? life after death. One difference is that in Christianity, Jesus died for humanity? sins and then ascended into Heaven. Islam believes that he simply ascended into Heaven, without dying. Daoism, unlike both Christianity and Islam has no doctrine of life after death. Death is simply a part of life-not to be feared, or desired.


  • Christianity: Founded by Jesus and his apostles. After Jesus·crucifixion, his apostles spread his beliefs and made it into a religion.
  • Islam: Founded by Muhammad. Muhammad was a prophet who wrote the messages he received from God down, forming the Qur?n and began teaching a religion that would become Islam.
  • Daoism: Founded by Lao Tzu, a philosopher when he wrote the Dao De Jing, forming the philosophy that would become a religion.

Christianity was founded by the Son of God, Jesus, and his apostles, unlike Islam which was founded by a prophet. While both of these religions were founded through the teachings of the divine; Daoism was formed by a philosopher.

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