Spanish Projects
      Students in my Spanish II classes were given the following assignment: create a booklet that tells about a real trip or an imaginary trip that they took. Each booklet was to be illustrated either freehand, with magazine clippings, with actual photographs, or with computer-generated images.Students were required to use the past tense (preterite) of as many different verbs as possible.
      The projects were wonderful, donít you think? This is the third year that I have assigned this particular project and I always amazed at the results that I receive. 
      Here are some examples of my studentsí work from this year. 
Mrs. Rena Gugliotti

Hice Un Viaje Maravilloso a Corea del Sur

Hice Un Viaje Divertido A Nuevo York

Hice un Viaje Divertido a Miami