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Mission Statement

Educating for today, empowering for tomorrow.

Vision Statement

Enloe High School prepares all students for the global society by giving them a broad spectrum of opportunities to prepare for education and employment beyond high school. Enloe High School is a community dedicated to a standard of excellence in education that fosters scholarship, integrity, diversity and equity.

Magnet Schools of America School of Distinction for 2014

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Principal Messages

Principals Message September 12, 2014 (Important announcements for Enloe families.) (PDF)

Principals Message September 4, 2014 (Sept 5 - Early Release, Oct 15 - PSAT) (PDF)

Principals Message September 2, 2014 (Important information for Enloe Seniors and their parents.) (PDF)

Principals Message September 2, 2014 (Credit by Demonstrated Mastery) (PDF)

Principals Message August 24, 2014 (Important reminders for Enloe families.) (PDF)

Principals Message August 20, 2014 (Important announcements for Enloe families.) (PDF)

Principals Message August 15, 2014 (Important announcements for Enloe families.) (PDF)

Principals Message July 24, 2014 (Important announcements for Enloe families.) (PDF)

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School Reminders

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Magnet Information

The Enloe Experience (Note: Please allow a couple of minutes for video to load)

Enloe Magnet Coordinator: April Hoffman ahoffman2@wcpss.net

Wake County Magnet School Application Process

List of schools the Class of 2013 was admitted to: Schools of Class of 2013

Enloe Registration and Course Selection Information

International Baccalaureate Studies Global Schools Network

Interested in the IB Programme?

Fill out the IB intent form and email or mail to: Enloe Magnet International Baccalaureate Coordinator : April Hoffman ahoffman2@wcpss.net

Declaration of Intent to Prepare for International Baccalaureate Studies

Video for International Baccalaureate Studies

Enloe HS International Baccalaureate Programme Booklet (PDF)

Release of Student Information to Recruiters

Federal law 107-110 (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Section 9528) requires schools to provide recruiters from the military and institutions of higher education, upon request, with the name, address, and telephone number of enrolled students. It is the policy of Enloe Magnet High School to release this requested information ONLY regarding Juniors and Seniors.

Any parent, guardian, or eligible student (18 years of age) who does not wish to have this directory information released MUST NOTIFY THE SCHOOL IN WRITING WITHIN THE FIRST TWENTY (20) DAYS OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.

To remove a student's name from the distribution list, complete the "Opt Out" information, sign where appropriate, and return it to Sharon Manning, Enloe's Career Development Coordinator by the deadline of Tuesday, September, 16, 2014 .  A copy of that form is located here

Parking Applications and Off-campus Lunch Permits: (Click for Detail)

Parking spaces are available to students that possess a valid NC drivers license and who do not have any outstanding fees or fines.  The 2014-15 parking fee, as established by the Wake County Board of Education, for the 2014-15 school year is $170. Parking tags are issued throughout the year and the fee will be reduced by $17 per month beginning October 1.  The form should be completed and mailed to the school by August 8, 2014. Application received after August 8, 2014 will be processed after August 15, 2014 (time and dates for pickup will be provided later).
Fee mays be paid online after July 1, 2014 using online school payments (OSP).

Student Parking Application & Rules (PDF)

All Junior and Seniors are eligible to apply for off-campus lunch privileges. The form should be completed and mailed to the school by August 8, 2014 or brought to the school on the dates below. The fee for an off-campus lunch pass is $10.00. Signatures must be notarized or signed in front of a school official.

Off Campus Lunch Pass & Rules (PDF)

Lady Eagles Basketball

Workouts begin September 2nd Click here for Flyer (PDF)
For more information email Coach Warren nwarren@wcpss.net

Online School Payments (OSP)

School payments for several students activities may now be paid online. Please click here for further information.

Carpool Safety Video

Click here to learn more about carpool safety. (Updated 6/6/2013)

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Apparel Order Information

Information for Parents and Visitors

Parking Notice

Visitor parking spaces are to be used when visiting Enloe for more than five minutes. It is important to school safety that the fire lane remains unblocked. Parking in the fire lane (along the curb) is permitted for visits of less than five minutes. Unattended vehicles parked in the fire lane longer than five minutes may incur tickets and fines from the Raleigh Fire and Police Departments.

Student Accident Insurance

Our school/district has selected the Student Insurance Plan from K&K Insurance to make reliable coverage available to parents. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year by visiting www.studentlnsurance-kk.com or http://www.wcpss.net/parents/.NC Safe Schools Tip Line

Report School violence to the NC Safe Schools Tip Line at 1-888-960-9600. View the flyer here.

Important Volunteer Information

Every volunteer must register or re-register to volunteer for the 2013-2014 school year. Click here for more information about volunteer registration.

The Enloe School Improvement Plan

School Improvement (Webpage)

School Improvement Plan 2014-2016 (PDF)